Louder Than Words is the story of a family with profound hearing loss who find that love can bridge two very different worlds: the world of sound and the world of silence.

“Our admiration for the Starks grew the more we filmed. In a world in which there is often a schism between those who can hear vs. those who cannot, the Starks have found a way to live in both worlds,” said director, Saj Adibs. “As Dr. Dana Suskind, otolaryngologist at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital has said, their choice to implant their children with cochlear implants has not separated them from the close community of the deaf; it has only allowed them additional access to the world of speech and sound.”

“Before I began this journey, I knew very little about the deaf community, what their challenges were, or the fact that with a little device, a deaf person can actually learn to hear.  It was called the cochlear implant, and I learned that the controversy surrounding it was astounding.  After all, the deaf world has it’s own rich history and culture that many in the deaf community are proud to be a part of.  Very few deaf parents have made the decision to give their children the cochlear implant as the Stark family have, but we’ve documented the results of that decision over the past 7 years.” Saj Adibs-Director