Meet the Coleman family

For most of you, The Coleman family are not strangers. Your kids have watched them on television for years. Signing time is a very popular show that teaches kids of all ages sign language. In November of 2011, Jill Stark forwarded a blog article to me. In it, I read about Rachel Coleman and her story. The blog article was titled my two cents. It was so enlightening for me. Here is the link.

Once again, it was another inspiring story that related very closely with the subject of Louder Than Words. I immediately contacted Rachel and asked her to be part of the film. I wanted to understand a hearing mother’s perspective on implanting her deaf child, specially a mother that created a hugely successful company that teaches kids sign language. It was a really unique story.
I traveled to L.A. where the family was taking a week off vacationing. They were kind enough to give me two full days and tell me their story.

I remember getting tears in my eyes multiple times as Leah and Rachel both opened up to me about their lives, successes and struggles. I don’t want to spoil it, but it really added elements to the film that I was looking for all along. I also was lucky enough to get Leah provide me with some voice over for the film as well as the opening shot of the film.  Learn more about the Coleman family here

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