“We watched our copy last night. We laughed, we cried, we reminisced on where our stories were similar and tried to imagine the hardships these two families faced that we didn’t in our journey. But most of all, when we were done, we were so proud! I can’t wait for the world to see this inspiring story and learn about and understand cochlear implants. I hope it leads to conversations that end the negativity surrounding CI’s and deaf culture. I hope someone that has never seen a cochlear will see this film and next time ask my little man about his in the grocery store rather than stare or whisper. Thank you for the hard work, time, and love that went into creating this documentary”

-Kelly Lundie

“I just wanted to give you some feedback on the movie, which I just finished watching – it was wonderful – I am so impressed at how well it was done, at the views presented, as well as the ability to present positive and open views about cochlear implants, while supporting the need for sign language. I was tearful in parts of it. I am profoundly hard of hearing and am starting to learn sign language now as an adult.  Thanks so much!”

Randi Paris-Salb

“I just watched the documentary.  I cried a lot.  The film far surpassed my expectations.  I saw Rachel Coleman talk at a conference in Chicago several years ago and was so inspired by her.  I am now equally inspired by the Stark family as well.  I cannot wait for my DVD to come so that I can share it with the families that I service.  There is so much misinformation out there about cochlear implants and sign language.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching it and wanted you to know that your movie will provide priceless information to so many families who don’t know how to make this decision.  

Thank you for making this film.  I was truly moved and support your efforts.”

-Gail McCall

“I just watched the documentary… I am seriously lost for words.  My daughter was implanted at the age of 4 and she is now 27.  She is a wife, a mother, in management at her company and on the deans list while finishing up with her BA at Franklin college in Columbus Ohio.  I share this with you because for many years I fought the fight and still to this day I still fight it with different people I come in contact with. 

     I am so excited to see this come out.  I hope one day I can share it with different people I know.  

     This will be a blessing to so many families.  

Love it!!!!”

-Vanessa Powers 

“I absolutely loved the documentary and am so proud to have a small part of such fine work! It is a touching and heartfelt story. I felt so lucky to be able to hear both family’s personal journey. What a fabulous message! Thank you for making the film!”

-Renee Olance

Thank you so much for this documentary! My 15 month old daughter was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in May of 2015 and received her cochlear implants in August and December. This is the perfect summary of our last 7 months and hope for our daughter Elena’s future. I was crying through the entire film – reliving the wonderful journey we have started. I can’t wait to share it with friends and family when it becomes available. 

Thank you so much.”

-Emily Poskie-Wilson

“I just watched this fantastic video and so full of wonderful positive emotions. What a fantastic job! As a late deafened adult with two  implants ;this made me realize how lucky I am . This covered it all with both  the emotional and physical  aspects  of the journey . I am so  impressed with your results and hope that this becomes a successful project that gets viewed by many! Bravo to you! The production  part  is so professional and is very  obvious that  a lot of effort and planning went into this project.”
-Kathleen C.